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    My Experience with Cancer and
    How I Came to Join the Charlotte Maxwell Cancer Care Center

    cancer recovery

    As shattering as a diagnosis of cancer can be I was amazed and touched at how much support and goodwill there is to help you through it. One of the support groups I came across was the CMC, the Charlotte Maxwell Center. This Center offers free holistic care treatments like acupuncture, massage, and herbal medication to low income women with this disease. The center also provides organic fruits and vegetables, and bread and cereals which the dedicated staff sources by itself. Free pick-up and drop-off is provided for those too weak or unable to afford the trip themselves.

    Every experience with this cancer is different. My cancer itself was asymptomatic but the chemotherapy was very hard. It made me feel alienated from my body which became a place of pain, endless fatigue and unexpected aversions. Massage was one of the few times when I would feel reconnected and grounded with myself. Volunteering with the CMCC as a massage therapist, while offering a sliding scale in my own private practice, is my way of becoming a part of the community support for people with this illness.

    Does massage have any direct effect on cancer or its treatment?

    Massage does not treat cancer, nor can it make the effects of chemotherapy or radiation go away but these are some of its amazing benefits.

    • It makes the process bearable and alleviates discomfort by activating pressure points related to important organs. This in turn helps with issues like nausea, fatigue, pain and indigestion.
    • Oil massage is detoxifying and relaxing. An improved circulatory and digestive system can more effectively move out the chemo drugs and ease body pain.
    • A touch that is comforting and nurturing goes a long way towards easing stress and pain related muscle tension and aids in quick recovery.

    Massage is a great complement to any other self-care regimen that you can include at this time. Two modalities that I cannot recommend enough are yoga and exercise.


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